Introducing our revolutionary new products we call the Chum Tub and Chum Sinker™!

No refrigeration, no mess, no hassle! We have a formula to meet all of your saltwater and freshwater fishing needs! Inshore, Offshore, Shark, Catfish, and Strictly Striper Chum Tubs are available.

What makes Feeding Frenzy Chum products so revolutionary?

We are the first and only Chum/Attractant on the market that is a solid, does not require refrigeration, is shelf stable, and lasts up to 7 hours depending on current and water temperature; all while leaving a consistent scent trail! Stinky Sinkers are the first and only Sinker/Attractant available and is also lead free.

We take pride in being the only chum on the market that sinks and stays put and has a shelf life of up to ten years as long as it stays dry and room temperature! Keep a tub on your boat or in your car for your next fishing trip! No need for refrigeration, freezing, or special care. Just keep it dry and it will be ready when you need it.

Chum Tubs and Chum Sinkers™ are solely manufactured and distributed by Feeding Frenzy Chum & Tackle LLC in Cocoa, Florida. Don’t be fooled by imposters!

Feeding Frenzy Chum Tubs

New Hunting Attractants Coming Soon!

  • Doe in Heat Deer Attractant
  • Green Apple Deer Atractant
  • Hog Molasses Attractant
  • Bear Berry Salmon Attractant